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Quaid¬e¬Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, poet of the East Allama Iqbal and of course the unity of Muslims. On the occasion of 14th August, I am leaving to bless my opinion for Youm e Azadi language in Urdu.They give a sacrifice of their lives, much-loved ones and they left their home where they were the livelihood for a long time. youm-e-azadi-speech-in-urdu-14th-august-2018-download-free. These forfeits can by no means be forgotten since it could be easy if we just picture but almost it is not possible to stand about to lost our much-loved ones or even scarify our life.

Pakistan Independence Day Celebration in Urdu 2018 | Speeches Full Stories Urdu

A few commendable days comes in the life of nations which keep in mind to put in the present. 14th August 1947 was the day when Pakistan come into being extinction. That was the month of Ramadan and it was the night of decree, power, and value Laylat Al Qadr when Muslims heard mammoth news about the arrangement of Pakistan. It was also the marvelous and dreadful suggestion for the universal public of subcontinent. This achievement was the actual result of the hard work of our forefathers especially our male protagonist.

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youm-e-azadi-speech-in-urdu-14th-august-2018-download-free. This day was really the delivery of Allah on us which we can never fail to notice till apocalyptic day. in addition, there is a keen history behind Pakistan which I try to exemplify in front of you in the form of Jason e Azadi speech in Urdu.

Youm e Azadi Speech In Urdu


Independence Day of Pakistan was, in fact, a daydream of Allama Iqbal which he has spoken during the talk of 23rd March 1940 declaration day of Pakistan. His poetry and the way of talk motivate the Muslim youth and bring them under one banner with the acclamation of a separate country for Muslims.Pakistan Independence Day Celebration

Pakistan Independence Day Celebration

Pakistan Independence Day CelebrationHis speech gives a philosophy to the Muslims of subcontinent about to live with offensively according to the Islamic rules and system. In the gaining of Pakistan, there is one name “Quaid¬e¬Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah” which is the most painted in not only in history but also in the mind of British and Hindus. He did a greater job to conscious the youth about to get independence and our cream of the crop realize them about the significance of unity, education, and sacrifice.

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