wafaq ul madaris date sheet 2019 | Wifaq Ul Madaris Online Result 2019

wafaq ul madaris date sheet 2019 | Wifaq Ul Madaris Online Result 2019.  With no the knowledge of the Quran, without regard to the knowledge of Islamic society, it cannot be imagined. Islamic teachings can be based on the basis of an Islamic society. The Quran and Hadith are very important in islam. These give good path to all humanity. wafaq ul madaris date sheet 2019-وفاق المدارس کی ڈیٹ شیٹ. wafaq-ul-madaris-date-sheet Result.


The Quran and Hadith are the source of Islamic teachings, and what is destined by religious knowledge is that other specialist of Islamic knowledge, scholars who are deeply aware of the Hadith and Islamic civilization, are working in the Quran. To further add a Muslim point of view to Islam, carry out the basic and necessary teaching of Muslims in Muslims and bring about the genuineness of Islamic people and people.

Wafaq ul Madaris Detail Summary: Click Here

Federally administer Al Arabia Pakistan” is a purely instructive and non-political association. Which has not anything to do with any following party and the confederation in the form of a alliance does not take any following stand, nor does it communicate its estimation in any country’s nationwide government, nor does it direct its affiliate to its affiliate and university.

wafaq ul madaris New syllabus:

  • Protecting and Publishing Islamic Sciences
  • Expertise in the help of art and helpful art in understanding of Koran and Sunnah.
  • Supply of material for the right and domination of Islam in the field of arguments and confusion.
  • Focusingly and practically exaggerated
  • Regulatory training to implement the constitution of Pakistan.
  • promotion of Islamic civilization and values.
  • Physical training for the creation of welfare society.
  • Explanation and implementation of modern and remote era problems and the law of affairs Sharia Islami.
  • To prepare people for private, family and business problems, to present public interest.
  • To memorize the Koran and keep the traditions of the Koran through the selected students.

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