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Minister for Railways Rieikh Itisheed has said the prime minister’s approval would he sought for recruitment of 23,000 new employees in the Pakistan Rail-ways. About 10,000 skilled employees were needed on urgent hash for im-provement of sennces, he added. Addres.sing a pats conference herr, he said the prime minister had already sought a report regarding the Railway land within IS days. He would request Pnnie Minster Im-ran Klan kw issuance of an unbn.uue Wr thesaleof Pakistan Railways land to *ep come its deficit.
lie said the main focus of the current Railway administration would be on improving the freight sector as it was its lifeline. One or two freight trains will be privatised on test basis for the betterment of the freight sector, he added. The minister said unfortunately the previous government had spent big amounts on the renovation of railway sta-tions.
The nab could, he said, have been done with a lesser amount. but about Rs 400 million waitspent on each station. He saidtheprimerninister had been re- quested to riviSetitte scale up of the way labouMrs..Theminister said the fa-cii104,01 Oaf and tracking system in trainsSeould be prmided in 100 days. lie said the people would soon hear more good news, like plying a labour train for labourers. To a question, he said no slum settlements on the railway land would be disturbed on the direction of the prime minister.

Pakistan Railways Jobs:Pakistan Railways Jobs 2018 jobs

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