Karbala Latest Poetry In English For 10th Muharram 2018

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Karbala Latest Poetry In English

  • As the tyrants on the rise, and mass confused,
  • offered lust with lies, and faith abused.
  • Thus the signs indicated, and time dictated.
  • Some souls elevated as Husayn(as) navigated;
  • a seed of the Prophet (P) and the sight of his Parents (as);
  • that time in deluge, he was ark so apparent.
  • In the Name of God, for the sake of Islam;
  • for the freedom of life and soul of Islam;
  • gave greatest sacrifice, but not his hands,
  • with the members of his kin and many of his friends.
  • Hurr, Muslim and the friends those hearts so pure;
  • they offered their lives as shield and cure;
  • thus tyrants came forth from the curtain way old;
  • then peace was bought and lives were sold.
  • And daring in the manners were the two young brothers;
  • in the boldness of their moves were the teachings of a mother;
  • Shone Aun and Muhammad with the valor known as Haider (as);
  • Those children were slain not the feeling of the mother.
  • With a message from his father was Qasim bin Hassan (as);
  • a radiant jewel of Islam was this glowing young son;
  • but Qasim into pieces with a bride day old;
  • on the sand in heat it was savage and cold.  they cut off his arms, but spirit was set;
  • till an arrow hit the bag, only eyes got wet.
  • Fell ‘Abbas (as) from the horse, with no hands for support,
  • then Husayn (as) rushed to shore for a brother’s end resort;
  • those children who waited with the patience were told;
  • and thirst in the camp was three days old.
  • Soon Akbar cam down with spear in his chest;
  • which a father had to pull so severe was the test;
  • He was image of the Prophet(P), and the life of Husayn(as),
  • He was vision of a mother and the eyes of Husayn (as)
  • Now the Leader was alone as he called for the help,
  • then a baby fell down; a response from the crib!
  • This thirsty, pure, infant was a son of Imam,
  • Who, acknowledged his father and the call of Imam.
  • Thus Husayn (as) brought him for some water in the field,
  • and showed them baby’s dried lips and appealed;
  • but the six months old got an arrow so thick,
  • that turned him over and tore his neck.
  • Ali Asghar went to sleep, with his father and no fear;
  • with the cradle on the fire, and their head on spear;
  • and the mother’s empty hand, with the tear dried eyes,
  • who looked for the baby to sing lullabies.
  • And a sister by the camp saw the horror of this trip;
  • as a knife tore the neck, where the Prophet (P) put his lips;
  • earth in grief, roared heavens and mourned,  Sand turned red when Husayn (as) was torn.
  • And a child full of tears with her tiny bleeding ears,
  • bruises on her face and her thirst so severe;
  • She ran for her father who laid beheaded,
  • and cried for the uncle for help she needed;
  • Sayyida Zainab (as) looked for her in the sadness of that night;
  • did inquire every soul in the land of the plight;
  • but Sakina was sleeping on the chest of a body;
  • with the love of the father, from the fragrance of his body.
  • Then the camp pushed down, while flames went up;
  • little children rushed out, as their dresses lit up;
  • it was night full of cries and the innocent quests;
  • shattered were the dreams and broken were the nests.
  • All defenses laid to rest, after trials and the tests;
  • left to face, one Imam, even history would detest,
  • who fainted with the illness faced torture and torment;
  • a Master of the pious and devotees’ ornament.
  • Lashes on his back heavy chains on Imam;
  • but ladies were the prisoners, was the wound of Imam;
  • no chador for them but their rope tied arms;
  • and grief soared high from Kufa to Shaam.
  • But, the daughter of ‘Ali (as) challenged, miseries with the messages;
  • with the families in bazaars, and deadly courts of savages;

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